Quantinium Unleashes Secures Monetizes Your WIFI

QTI is Changing the World by Creating a Global Wi-Fi Network on a Quantum Secure Decentralized Blockchain.

Quantinium is the native cryptocurrency to Q-Fi, a global Web 3 Wi-Fi network that represents the very first utilitarian bridge between the everyday person and the blockchain community. Q-Fi amalgamates fragmented global telecommunications infrastructure into a cohesive network by eliminating redundancy, bolstering the proliferation of high-speed internet access in both saturated and underpenetrated markets.

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Your Digitial Fingerprint is now

Quantum Secure

QEP is the Cornerstone of our Digital Defense, protecting your Data, Identity and Transactions on and off the Blockchain.

Our revolutionary Quantum Encryption Protocol (QEP) is a keyless asymmetric chaos cipher delivering an epoch-defining transition into a new sphere of cryptology. QEP’s advanced quantum-safe protocol features a simulated computing entropy of 4.149516e+180 years, rendering Brute Force, MITM, and Zero-Day vulnerabilities obsolete. Quantum Encryption Protocol will become the new security standard for all connected devices in the next decade and beyond, offering permanent security for sensitive data.

Share WI-FI

Earn Crypto

Earning Quantinium is simple: Install our mobile application, share your Wi-Fi service, earn QTI.

Through a straightforward and automated software update facilitated by our mobile application, Quantinium empowers internet users to transition into internet providers. By sharing their Wi-Fi with Q-Fi subscribers in their vicinity, users can earn Quantinium Tokens that are promptly deposited into their cryptocurrency wallets. In essence, this mechanism enables individuals to participate in the network’s economy as providers and benefit from the rewards that result from their contribution.

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Join the Internet


Seamless Internet Access Globally with Quantum Wi-Fi.

The Internet Revolution is here. And more than ever, it has become our primary method of work, of communication, and of social interaction. We believe that is why the internet should belong to the people, and its why we want you to join the Quantum Network; a wireless internet infrastructure where the people share in its access, share in its maintenance, and share in its profits.

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The Quantinium blockchain is a private encrypted ledger designed to enable a secure decentralized wireless network, store immutable data, and enable an anonymous transaction system.

Quantinium is a purpose-built distributed ledger designed to enable a decentralized telecommunications network. Its versatile architecture allows for the representation of a wide range of assets, including fungible, non-fungible, and restricted fungible and non-fungible assets. By providing a comprehensive solution for asset representation, Quantinium ensures a unified and standardized approach that is flexible enough to cater to diverse asset types.

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Blockchain Uptime

Quantinium Foundation

Executive Team

Addiel Lopez

CEO, Founder

Pedram Nimreezi

CTO, Co-founder

Derek J. Foley

CMO, Co-founder

Marcus Thompson

COO, Co-founder

Our Leadership is Revolutionizing Global Connectivity through Advanced Blockchain Technology.

Paradigm shifts require visionaries. Learn how our unique team of executives are bridging the gap between telecommunications, philanthropy, and the financial sector.

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