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West Palm Beach, FloridaQuantinium, an innovative deep-tech startup headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, is making waves in the telecommunications and blockchain industries with its cutting-edge global Quantum Wi-Fi service. This groundbreaking technology has recently propelled Quantinium into a landmark 10-year, $2.16 billion bulk wholesale contract with real estate powerhouse Lynd Living.

Quantinium’s disruptive technological approach leverages decentralized web3 infrastructure to create a carrier agnostic mesh network; tapping into an extensive existing and underutilized fleet of internet-enabled wireless routers. Through their intuitive mobile application, these routers undergo automatic reconfiguration, seamlessly integrating into the Quantum Wi-Fi network. This revolutionary enhancement not only brings together global internet providers but also enables users to transition into service providers, delivering public connectivity in exchange for real-time compensation.

Much like Uber’s transformative impact on transportation, Quantinium is poised to bridge the digital divide by fostering more accessible global internet access. Quantinium connects fragmented networks by removing artificial barriers, uniting providers and technologies, and securing the entire network with post-quantum encryption. Subscribers can now enjoy a seamless network experience, whether at home, in the office, or while traveling.

"We are thrilled to integrate Quantum Wi-Fi across all our properties and have ambitious plans to generate new revenue streams and develop unique real estate applications on the Quantinium blockchain. This deal is just the beginning of our extensive collaboration.”

David Lynd, President & CEOLynd Living

Lynd Living, a prominent provider of real estate management, investment, and development services in 34 cities across 14 states, recognized the transformative potential of Quantinium’s Wi-Fi service earlier this year. The realization led to a visionary partnership where Quantinium will provide its groundbreaking technology across Lynd Living’s vast portfolio of properties.

Pedram Nimreezi, Quantinium’s CTO, highlighted the broader scope of the relationship: “Quantinium’s blockchain technology opens up a ton of use-case scenarios in the real world. We will be working hand in glove with Lynd by servicing their properties while developing synergistic technologies and force multiplier systems that cater more closely to the real estate industry.”

A significant advancement includes the ongoing development of a proprietary operating system, known as Morphogenesis, an initiative led by Lynd Living. This operating system functions as a command and control center for managed real estate properties, which streamlines financial processes and simplifies management task loads, while seamlessly integrating with the privacy and security features of the Quantinium blockchain.

"The real estate industry's conventional practices have remained stagnant for decades; there is substantial potential to boost revenue and efficiency simply by modernizing. Quantinium uniquely leverages blockchain technology for amenities including in-building 5G/LTE, Wi-Fi Internet Access, Access Control, Cybersecurity, and revenue through digital advertising."

Addiel Lopez, CEOQuantinium, Inc.

About Quantinium: Quantinium, is a Florida-based tech startup with the stated mission of disrupting the telecommunications industry with its blockchain-enabled Quantum Wi-Fi service. By utilizing a decentralized web3 infrastructure, Quantinium seamlessly unites internet providers worldwide, removing artificial barriers and fostering a unified global network.

About Lynd Living: Lynd Living is a leading provider of real estate management, investment, and development services. The company specializes in housing compliance and offers a comprehensive suite of services, including acquisition, development, property management, and asset management, ensuring maximum returns and equity multiples for its clients.

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