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West Palm Beach, FloridaQuantinium, (Symbol: QTI) is a purpose-built layer 1 distributed ledger designed for decentralized networks and infrastructure. Distinctively positioned, Quantinium has evolved from a strategic fork of Algorand, amalgamating the proven strengths of Algorand’s technology with proprietary post-quantum encryption. This convergence sets a new industry standard for privacy and security. Quantinium integrates iterative technological enhancements, maximizing its efficacy for distributed communications networks.

This week marked a significant milestone for Quantinium as it successfully transitioned into Test-Net, paving the way for the highly anticipated Main-Net launch slated for early 2024. This pivotal achievement underscores Quantinium’s unwavering commitment to establishing a resilient and efficient decentralized telecommunications network, adhering to best-in-class benchmarks and meeting the projected timeline.

The allure of Quantinium extends well beyond its proprietary software stack, as evidenced by the flurry of business development announcements this quarter. Quantinium has entered valuable markets and garnered the sort of attention rarely seen by industry newcomers. In the blockchain space Layer 2 projects have been drawn to Quantinium due to its remarkable combination of speed, security, and reliability. These features position Quantinium as a frontrunner in the competitive landscape of decentralized telecommunications.

Enthusiasm for development on the Quantinium blockchain has been met with increased investor enthusiasm for the up and coming ecosystem. Escape Velocity (EV3), a leader in the space, has backed Quantinium publicly and thrown  its support to the realization of decentralized communications infrastructures. The team behind the Quantinium blockchain first became known publicly for their development of Quantum Wi-Fi, a radical reinvention of wireless systems that connects fragmented Wi-Fi networks through a post-quantum encrypted global access layer. 

"Early in our journey, it became evident that only a handful of blockchains could match the five 9's reliability that has become synonymous with most traditional telecommunications standards. Algorand’s unique structure caught our attention initially, yet we recognized the need for further refinement to suit the telecommunications industry specifically. We have now bolstered security measures and targeted optimization to align it precisely with the demands of contemporary networks operating at scale.”

Addiel Lopez, CEOQuantinium, Inc.

About Quantinium: Quantinium, is a Florida-based tech startup with the stated mission of disrupting the telecommunications industry with its blockchain-enabled Quantum Wi-Fi service. By utilizing a decentralized web3 infrastructure, Quantinium seamlessly unites internet providers worldwide, removing artificial barriers and fostering a unified global network.

About Escape Velocity: Escape Velocity is a thesis-driven venture capital firm specializing in early-stage decentralized infrastructure investments with liquidity partners including founders of prominent venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), Multicoin Capital, Castle Island Ventures and Framework Ventures, as well as senior partners at Apollo Global Management.

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